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Asma al-Assad: Children Should get Priority, Especially in Wars

Asma al-Assad welcomed a Russian girl supporting Syrian children, according to the Syria Times.
Asma al-Assad: Children Should get Priority, Especially in Wars
Asma al-Assad: Children Should get Priority, Especially in Wars

If time told the story of peoples and their relationship with truth and dignity, it would address what the Syrian and Russian peoples are doing.

The friendship bridge between the Syrian and Russian peoples is strengthened by generation after generation and by the same vision that always looks towards safety and independence.

The bridge is embodied in a Russian girl who bears the highest degree of love for the Syrians and embodied by the soldiers of the Russian military establishment who fight alongside the soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army to protect Syria and Russia together.

The great awareness of the Russian girl, Diana Nikitina aged 14 touched Mrs. Asma al-Assad through Diana’s initiatives towards the Syrian children and her messages over several years, prompted her to invite Diana to visit Syria to meet the Syrian children and adolescents and to convey messages full of love from Russian children to Russian soldiers on the Syrian territory.

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“Diana is an ambassador par excellence,” Mrs. Asma described the Russian girl during a meeting with her in the presence of the Russian ambassador and the military attaché at the Russian Embassy in Damascus.

She stressed the importance of relations between the different age groups from Syria and Russia, especially children and adolescents through mutual visits of children in order to consolidate the deep-rooted historical relationship between the two countries.

Mrs. Asma considered that the protection of children is a constant priority, especially in times of war.

She said that if we are fighting today to consolidate principles, protect rights and defend the land, it is for children to live a safe and decent life. 

She added that there are children who have lived and still live in the areas occupied by terrorist groups in Syria and in different parts of the world, and other children who live in camps under the control of terrorists and suffer the worst forms of injustice and exploitation in all its forms, and this is what should never be allowed to continue.

Mrs. Assad affirmed that all countries should assume their responsibilities towards these children to rescue them and get them out of these camps and unsafe areas.


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