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Arrest of Most Pominent Shabih of Hama

Musib Salameh was arrested by the regime security forces, despite his position as a Shabih in Hama for years, according to Baladi News.
Arrest of Most Pominent Shabih of Hama
Arrest of Most Pominent Shabih of Hama

On Sunday morning, a Syrian regime security patrol arrested a regime collaborator (Shabih) called Musib Salameh, from inside his home in Salamiyah, Hama countryside. 

According to information obtained by Baladi News, a joint patrol of several security branches raided Salameh’s house and arrested him as well as another collaborator, Alaa al-Saleh, and took them towards Hama city. 

Salameh is one of the most prominent founders of pro-Assad militias in the Salamiyah region. He contributed to the killings, torture, and kidnappings of activists and protesters in Salamiyah city in 2011. 

According to the Pro Justice Website, Musib Salameh worked to establish a network of other Shabiha leaders in the region, including Firas Salameh bin Musib Salameh, Talal al-Daqqaq, Ali Hamdan Mahmoud Afifa, a.k.a al-Fahd al-Abyad (the white Panther), Ali Hamdan, Ibrahim al-Saleh, Taleb Bashour, a.k.a Abu Ali al-Lubnani (Lebanese Abu Ali) considered a resident of Jabal Mohsen in Lebanon, Issa Daoud al-Assas, his brother Zuhair al-Assas, Alaa Salim, Thahir Bashour, Mohammed Mansour, Iyad Tayshour and Walid Deeb. 

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Not only did Musib Salameh and his group carry out the displacements in the Salamiyah area, but, with the support of the air force intelligence, they set up a checkpoint near the Taqsis area of Hama countryside, which was later known as the “Million Barrier” relative to the number of royalties requested by the members of that checkpoint. This would sometimes lead to clashes with regime forces due to the many violations carried out by Musib Salameh and his group at that checkpoint. 

Salameh had a famous saying echoing in Hama and Homs: “The so-called revolution is the transfer of capital from Sunni hands to Alawite hands. The transfer process is not over, it takes a long time and therefore the crisis is too long.” 

According to activists, Salamehhas today become a small shabih in front of the senior shabiha of the Assad regime, and they are seeking to rob him of the money he stole from civilians using a sectarian approach, especially after the dismissal of Salameh’s brother, the commander of the Air Force Intelligence branch in Aleppo, Adeeb Salameh.

Musib Salameh is from the village of Tal al-Tot in the Salamiyah district, east of Hama Governorate.


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.


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