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Army Of Islam Denies Allegations of Russian Embassy Attack

Spokesperson says attacking diplomatic missions would be against the rebel group's principles
Army Of Islam Denies Allegations of Russian Embassy Attack

The official spokesman of the Army of Islam, Captain Islam Alloush, denied the accusations by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov claiming the rebel group had targeted the Russian embassy in Damascus on Tuesday morning, October 13.

In a press statement addressed to All4syria, Alloush said the Army of Islam denies the allegations, stressing that the group does not carry out operations of this type.

"That stems from our underlying moral principles which require us not to target the diplomatic missions or their headquarters," Alloush said.

The spokesman also expressed his surprise at the foreign minister’s statements about the existence of what he described as "extremist ISIS fighters", asserting that the Army of Islam was able to "cleanse Eastern Ghouta of ISIS."

Lavrov had expressed his hope to identify and pursue those responsible for the bombing of the Damascus embassy, stressing necessary measures must be taken to stop similar attacks from recurring in the future.

This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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