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Arab Regimes Conspiring Against Palestinians: Zoubi

Minister sas Syria will spare no effort to combat terrorism
Arab Regimes Conspiring Against Palestinians: Zoubi

Caretaker Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi said that Gaza and Palestine are facing a massive conspiracy led by Qatar and Turkey with the aim of eliminating the resistance.


Zoubi said some Arab regimes never stopped conspiring against Palestinian cause, either via the so-called Arab League or via overt and covert complicity with the Israeli occupation.


In an interview with al-Mayadeen TV on Wednesday, Zoubi said that Syria remains one of the few Arab countries that stand up for the Palestinian cause and continues to support the Palestinian people and resistance, regardless of where it stands on some Palestinian factions.


He noted that Syria’s position regarding terrorism has always been clear, calling on all members of the international community to implement the recent Security Council resolution on combating the Islamic State (IS) and the Nusra Front.


Zoubi said that Syria’s isn’t concerned about the resolution, as nobody can accuse Syria of terrorism, and noted that Syria will spare no effort to combat terrorism and realize the goals of the resolution because this is where its interests are.


He stressed that double-standards are unacceptable and that the Turkish and Qatari roles in supporting terrorism must not be overlooked.


Regarding claims that U.S. planes attacked IS sites in Syria, the Minister said that this never happened and will never happen without the Syrian government’s prior permission.


Tranlsated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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