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An Open Letter from the People of Mouadamiyah

Save us from death. Save us from the hell of Assad’s killing machine
An Open Letter from the People of Mouadamiyah

The city of Mouadamiyah has been under siege for over a year now. The people of Mouadamiyah face starvation and death, as Assad’s forces deny these civilians access to basic food, water, and medicine. It has become clear that the Assad regime is following a systematic policy of starvation and intimidation against civilians in different areas across Syria.


The following is the text of a letter delivered to the Syrian Coalition by the people of Mouadamiyah. The United Nations and humanitarian relief organizations can now read the words of civilians who face horrors in besieged areas across Syria. The world must see the scale of destruction and death overtaking Mouadamiyah.


“Dear brothers and sisters, our friends, we have managed today to find enough power to run a computer and connect to the internet. We are writing from steadfast Mouadamiyah, the city of olives, the mother of all martyrs; the city of death.


We are suffering the worst kinds of oppression at the hands of the venomous Assad Shabiha, sectarian Hezbollah militias, Iraqi mercenaries, and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps.


We have been under siege for over a year. Forces of the criminal tyrant Assad, who has lost all legitimacy a long time ago, have been trying to enter the city every day. We appeal to your sense of humanity not to forget us.


The humanitarian situation is tragic.


We, the people of Mouadamiyah, live in deplorable conditions. We implore you to deliver our message to the whole world. We are a people who desire to live free, with honor and dignity. We have made enormous sacrifices to defend our families and fight for our rights. We love life, and all we want is to create a better future for our children. Please publish this letter in all languages so that the whole world may hear our cries.


For nearly one year, the city of Mouadamiyah has been under siege with no access to food, electricity, medicine, communications, and fuel. We have been hit by rockets, artillery shells, napalm, white phosphorous, and chemical weapons. Hundreds of Mouadamiyah’s men, women and children have died, and thousands have been injured. We can only pray for the wounded, as we do not have access to medicine, nor to the means to provide medical care. All we have are a few bullets to repel those who want to slaughter our families with knives and burn our children alive.


Save us from death. Save us from the hell of Assad’s killing machine.”


Nearly 90% of neighborhoods in Mouadamiyah are nearly entirely destroyed. Around 11,780 people are surviving on leaves of trees and other inedible plants. Only three doctors operate our only field hospital. Nearly 1800 people are wounded but have no access to medical care. Today, the lack of proper medical equipment puts the lives of 20 individuals, who need blood transfusions, at grave peril.


The Syrian Coalition calls on the United Nations and the world’s humanitarian relief agencies to act immediately and call for the establishment of humanitarian corridors so that the lives of thousands of civilians in besieged Mouadamiyah can be saved. The Coalition also urges the international community not to allow the Assad regime to manipulate and deceive as it has always done. The Assad regime must not be allowed to evade punishment for crimes against the Syrian people.


We ask for Mercy for our martyrs, health for our wounded, and freedom for our detainees.


Long live Syria and its people, free and with honor.


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