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Americans Warn SDF of Rapprochement with Damascus, Abdi Claims Battle Concerns All Syrians

Abdi said the U.S. efforts to prevent a Turkish operation in Northern Syria were insignificant, according to al-Watan.
SDF Damascus
Americans Warn SDF of Rapprochement with Damascus, Abdi Claims Battle Concerns All Syrians

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) leader, Mazloum Abdi, confirmed that Syrian Arab Army forces were deployed in Manbij and Tal Rifaat, in the Aleppo countryside. 

He said that if the Turkish regime launched aggression against northern Syria, it would be a battle for all the Syrian people. 

He urged Moscow and Tehran to prevent the Turkish regime from carrying out its threats, calling Washington’s efforts “insufficient to curb Turkish attacks.” 

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On Saturday, the so-called Kurdish National Council in Syria confirmed that the United States has strongly warned SDF against its rapprochement with the Syrian government and Iran to repel Turkish aggression. 

The Kurdish National Council’s representative in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, Kawa Azizi, said the U.S.’s warning of SDF comes against the backdrop of a significant rapprochement between it and the Russian-sponsored Syrian government. This comes in addition to America’s neglect of the region’s status, as acknowledged by U.S. President Joe Biden. 

Azizi explained to the Kurdish website Basnews that the Kurdish YPG, the backbone of SDF, encourages proximity to Damascus, Iran, and the Russians, in light of Turkish threats to invade the region and the apathy of the U.S. position on the Turkish escalation. The SDF saw itself alone in front of Turkey; therefore, it resorted to Damascus. 

Regarding the negotiations and dialogue with Damascus, Abdi said: “We do not have a direct political dialogue, but Russia sponsors an earlier understanding, and in the light of which there were some positive things, especially that the recent statement by President Bashar al-Assad that Syrian forces will fight against Turkish forces in all the areas they occupy. We found it is a good and sophisticated position, and if it comes into force on the ground, it will reflect positively on the whole of Syria.”


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