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Aleppo Security Commander Killed in HQ Blast: Activists

Attack on intelligence facility kills 100 pro-regime militants in the city of Aleppo, rebel commander claims
Aleppo Security Commander Killed in HQ Blast: Activists

Activists in the regime-held neighborhoods in Aleppo reported that Major General Adib Salamah, the regime’s security commander in the city, was killed during the bombing of the Air Force Intelligence building in the neighborhood of Jamiyat az-Zahra.

Rebels dug a tunnel in which explosives were planted to blow up the building, which collapsed after the explosion.

Major Yasser Abd al-Rahim, the commander of Aleppo Operations Room, confirmed "at least 100 pro-regime militants were killed in the bombing of the Air Force Intelligence branch, most of them were mercenaries from Lebanon and Iran". Siraj Press could not independently verify the news of Major General Salamah’s death, as it is regime policy to never announce numbers and names of troop casualties.

A spokesman for the Nusra Front, Sheikh Abdullah al-Mihesni, wrote on Twitter: "Your brothers kept digging the tunnel for two consecutive months, day and night. Finally they got the result of their labors; they bombed the building over the heads of the infidels".

A Siraj Press correspondent claimed the rebels had dug a 300 meter-long tunnel under the Air Force Intelligence branch, placing about a ton of explosives which was then detonated remotely, leading to the destruction of three-quarters of the building, and killing all shabeeha and foreign militias inside.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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