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Air Force Massacre Civilians in Maarat An-Numan

Regime air force targets civilian locations with barrel bombs in Idleb province
Air Force Massacre Civilians in Maarat An-Numan

Assad's helicopters committed a civilian massacre in Maarat an-Numan in the countryside of Idleb on Tuesday.

Regime helicopters targeted the homes of civilians in downtown Idleb with explosive barrels, leading to the death of six civilians, including four children and a woman. Dozens more were wounded in the attack, with some in critical condition, in addition to the entire destruction of homes.

Martyrs’ bodies were mutilated by the attack, while civil defense teams raced against time to pull survivors from the rubble, while activists broadcast shocking video clips of the massacre. 

Regime air forces raided a number of areas, including: Sarmin, the city of Idleb, the northern and eastern countryside of Jisr ash-Shughur, Korin and Abu ath-Thuhur – which also resulted in civilian casualties and destruction of property.

The cities of Binnish and Saraqeb witnessed violent artillery bombardment targeting civilian homes, although the region is widely considered abandoned after hundreds of air raids targeted towns and cities in Idleb’s countryside.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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