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After Killing of his Soldiers in Syria: Biden Between Response and Restraint

U.S. officials emphasize the importance of containing the escalation, Athr Press writes.
After Killing of his Soldiers in Syria: Biden Between Response and Restraint

The Pentagon has reported that the toll from the recent attack on the US base near the Syrian-Jordanian border has climbed to 40 wounded, with three American soldiers killed. U.S. President Joe Biden is currently exploring various options with his administration to respond to this attack.

Pentagon Deputy Spokeswoman Sabrina Singh stated on Monday, “At the moment, according to our estimates, more than 40 people have been injured,” leaving room for the possibility that this number may increase shortly.

Singh attributed responsibility to Iran, stating, “Iran is responsible because it funds groups active in Iraq and Syria that target US military personnel.”

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According to reports from Politico, President Biden has requested multiple response options that would decisively counter future attacks without escalating tensions in the Middle East. The Pentagon is contemplating potential strikes on Iranian military personnel in Syria or Iraq, as well as Iranian naval facilities in the Gulf, with retaliatory measures anticipated within two days pending the President’s approval. These strikes would be executed in waves targeting multiple locations.

In a related development, Bloomberg sources revealed that the US is exploring different responses, including launching a covert operation to strike sites and facilities in Iran without publicly acknowledging its involvement. Another option under consideration is a direct targeting of Iranian officials.

Despite the potential military actions, U.S. officials emphasize the importance of containing the escalation. General C. Q. Brown, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, underscored the United States’ commitment to preventing conflicts in the Middle East, stating, “Part of the United States’ mission is to ensure there is no further escalation in the region,” as reported by CNN.


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