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Activists Claim Qara Retaken by Opposition

Activists said the Nusra Front kill and capture Hezbollah members
Activists Claim Qara Retaken by Opposition

The Nusra Front executed four members of Hezbollah and captured more than 40 others during operations in the Eastern Ghouta region on Monday.


Activists said that Nusra Front troops slaughtered Hazim Ali Zineddine, in addition to three other unknown Hezbollah members, after the opposition took control of several towns in the province.


Activists showed pictures they claimed to be of Hezbollah prisoners and also confirmed they had recovered the taken Qara area in Qalamoun.


The union of the Local Coordination Committees said that clashes in Eastern Ghouta led to the death of a commander of the so-called “National Army", a pro-government militia, in Eastern Ghouta name Brigadier Mazen Saleh.


The Union also said the rebels had stormed the headquarters of the Republican Guard on Mount Qasioun which overlooks the capital.


The Union said that the opposition regained the strategic city of Qara in Qalamoun in the northwest of Damascus, just days after the government forces entered it. The Union announced the death of the commander of Hezbollah's operations in Eastern Ghouta and the surrender of 40 members of the party after besieging them, circulating pictures as proof.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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