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Abdullah Nizam: More Powerful than Bashar Assad?

Nizam is considered one of the most prominent Iranian officials in Syria
Abdullah Nizam: More Powerful than Bashar Assad?

The Shiites of Homs, as well as in Nubul and Zahra in the Aleppo countryside, have sent a message to the senior Iranian official in Damascus Abdullah Nizam, urging him to provide compensation to the affected Shiite populations in the neighborhood of Abbasiyah in Homs.


"Mr. Abdullah Nizam, we demand quick compensation for the victims of the terrorist bombings in the Abbasiyah neighborhood in Homs," they said in a letter.


Why have the Shiites in these regions chosen to appeal to Nizam and ignored Bashar Assad? Observers say that these letters "confirm that Bashar Assad and his men are just cards in the hands of Iran at the moment, as Nizam is directly related to Khomeini and the mullahs of Tehran."


"As long as Assad is a card in the hands of Iran, the Shiites of these areas would rather address the mullahs of Tehran directly, because Tehran considers Syria one of its provinces, and Bashar Assad is just a poor governor," they said.


Activist Osama al-Raqqawi explained that "Abdullah Nizam was the main supervisor over the process of Shiitization in the city of Raqqa and its countryside; he pumped millions of pounds in to the city in order to Shiitize the people in the region and to construct Shiite mosques and shrines there."


Nizam is considered one of the most prominent Iranian officials in Syria, in charge of the Shiitization operations, also paying money to build the Shiite shrines before the outbreak of the revolution. He is a member in the most prominent Shiite family in Damascus.


Nizam is the Dean of the Faculty of Islamic Studies at the Iranian al-Mustafa University which teaches Islamic methodology, according to Shiite teachings. The university is located in the Sayyada Zeinab suburb in Damascus, while the headquarters of the main university is located in the Iranian city of Qom.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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