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A Woman and Child Are the Latest Victims of the Turkish Army at the Border

Since the revolution started, 386 people have been killed at the border reports Etihad Press
A Woman and Child Are the Latest Victims of the Turkish Army at the Border

Turkish forces continue killing Syrians who try to cross into Turkish territory, as they flee the conflict, bombardments, destruction and a lack of livelihood and a breakdown in security that has been imposed on them in their regions.

Local media sources said that a Syrian woman and a child were killed when they were shot by Turkish border guards while attempting to cross into Turkish territory from the border region west of Idleb, with the number of civilian who have died at the border, since the start of the Syrian revolution reaching 386, including 73 children, under the age of 18, and 35 women above the age of 18.

The same sources indicated that a child who had fled the Damascus countryside was killed after being shot by Turkish border guards during an attempt with his family to cross the border dividing the northern Idleb countryside and the province of Hatay.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that hundreds of Syrians have been seriously wounded by Turkish bullets while trying to flee the ongoing military operations in their areas toward areas where they can find a safe haven and save their children, so that their children do not meet the fate of the 20,000 children who have died since the start of the Syrian revolution; or the fate of tens of thousands of other children who have been permanently wounded, or the fate of the tens of thousands of children who have been thrust into military operations and turned into fighters and bombers.


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