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14-year-old killed in Golan Heights in cross-border fire from Syria

Victim named as Muhammad Karaka from Galilee village of Arraba; the Israeli army returns fire for what it believes was a deliberate attack.
14-year-old killed in Golan Heights in cross-border fire from Syria


Israel is considering its moves after losing its first casualty to a cross-border missile strike on the Golan Heights from the Syria civil war, IDF Spokesman Brig.- Gen. Moti Almoz said Sunday.


A 14-year-old boy was killed and two other people were wounded when an anti-tank missile, fired from inside Syria, hit a civilian vehicle belonging to a contractor carrying out routine maintenance work for the Defense Ministry.


The casualty was Muhammad Karaka, of the lower Galilee village of Arrabe, whose father Fahmi, a contractor, was wounded in the attack.


Karaka had been accompanying his father on his first day off school for the summer vacation.


One of those wounded in the attack was in serious condition, while the other suffered light wounds.


Following the attack, an army source said it found what appeared to be a hole in the frontier fence, a result of the missile piercing the barrier.


IDF tanks immediately returned fire at Syrian Army positions in response to what an IDF source said appeared to be a deliberate attack on the truck.


“We know that the attack was carried out from an area under the control of Syrian rebels, but we’re not at all sure that this was a Syrian rebel attack,” a source had said shortly after the attack, before suspicions appeared to fall on the pro-Assad camp.


“It seems this attack was the result of direct fire,” the source said.


Shelling from the Syrian civil war has crossed the border onto the Golan, including what Israel has said were deliberate attacks on its military.


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