Kurdish Officials Stress Progress in Intra-Kurdish Talks

American officials are reportedly intent on moving forward with these talks, according to North Press

On Monday, the PYD-led Kurdish National Unity Parties (PYNK) in northern Syria said that the talks with the Kurdish National Council in Syria (ENKS) “have come a long way in order to reach a comprehensive agreement between the Kurdish political parties in north and east Syria.”

A report released by PYNK stated that the comprehensive agreement would be the fruit of “a comprehensive supreme Kurdish position that enjoys the independence of its political decision and represents the hopes and aspirations of the Kurds and their just cause in national and international forums.”

In June 2020, both PYNK and ENKS reached a political understanding about forming a unified Kurdish position for the Kurds of Syria following an initiative by Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) Commander-in-Chief Mazloum Abdi.

PYNK stressed through a statement on Monday that they would continue their efforts “to accomplish the strategic talk regarding our national cause and commit to all that has been reached.”

On Sunday, a leader from the ENKS, Nemat Daoud, said that the intra-Kurdish dialogue has not finished, but it is suspended for now. He referred to a meeting held between the ENKS and General Mazloum Abdi on March 13.

“Work is ongoing to resume the dialogue,” stating that discussions with the sponsors – SDF Commander-in-Chief and US envoy – are going on.

“We discussed with them how to create a positive atmosphere to resume the dialogue,” he added.

He renewed ENKS’s cling to “the success of the dialogue and to unify the Kurdish discourse to serve the Kurdish issue in Syria and find a solution for it.”

Two days ago, media websites attributed a statement to the US envoy stating that he informed the delegation of the PYNK that “the intra-Kurdish dialogue will continue even without the ENKS.”


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