Assad’s Media Incites Hatred

Regime media serves to frighten those who support the regime, so they feel threatened by the opposition

Syrian official media intentionally incites hatred using violent scenes of killing and destruction.


Since the outbreak of the Syrian revolution, sparked by children in Daraa who were  tortured and their nails pulled out by Syrian regime intelligence forces, the regime has continued to use means of violent suppression.


The regime used the most brutal methods to disperse demonstrations, including firing live rounds at demonstrators. It has bombed cities with rockets, explosive barrels and cluster bombs. Their methods have resulted in the displacement of millions from their homes.


Yet all that is still nothing compared to what is being broadcast on official Syrian media, that does not meet any ethical or professional standards.


Syrian official television channels have broadcast scenes of dead bodies, killed by what they call "terrorists" and “armed gangs".  Their viewers become desensitized, eager to see more and more of killing scenes and tortured dead bodies.


Mohamed al-Hammadi, a journalist, commenting on the issue, said: “What is being broadcast on these channels is unbelievable. The TV has become a mutilation diary. Even if it is claimed that “armed gangs” did some of this killing and torturing, it is still not acceptable to broadcast it on official TV channels. There is a big great difference between TV and YouTube, which is free and not as regulated as TV channels.”


The journalist said he considered the channels as exercising an unprecedented degree incitement to killing and murder.


Moreover, Syrian regime aims to intimidate people.


Of course, Israel is always depicted as the mastermind behind this cosmic conspiracy against Syrian regime, according to its media.


Journalist Ali Eid left his work at the Syrian Arab News Agency SANA.


"The regime has worked since the beginning of the revolution in fully equipped operation rooms to manufacture reports in parallel with security services to turn peaceful demonstrations into violent movements and present it to foreign media,” Eid said.


He said the Syrian regime wanted to choke people on both sides. First, it serves to frighten those who support the regime, so they feel threatened and at real risk from the opposition, presenting the regime as the only force able to protect them.


Secondly, it presents hard choices to the anti-regime people, who face the choice of either violent suppression, or arming to protect themselves, he said. At the same time, the regime facilitates obtainment and distribution of weapons to strip the peaceful element from the revolution.


The journalist said the regime began talking about radical Islamists and jihadist from the early days of revolution, as the western sensitivity to radicals was well known.


The violent theme continued in radio and print media with many songs playing glorifying jihad, martyrdom and mass killing.


In general, millions of Syrians consider national media dishonest and a partner in their own deaths. For that reason, people have chanted from the beginning that the Syrian media is "a liar, liar and liar."


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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