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Who Stole the Earthquake?

Mohammed al-Rumaihi wrote in the Lebanese newspaper An-Nahar a commentary on the earthquake in Syria. Here are some excerpts.
Who Stole the Earthquake?

“However, the biggest theft is political theft, which is perhaps an attempt that amounts to the theft of the century. Its details are that a group of supporters of the Assad regime in Damascus, inside and outside Syria, rose up to say that the delay in rescuing people from the rubble in northwestern Syria in areas outside the control of the regime is due to the sanctions imposed on Syria! These statements were accompanied by a chorus playing that melody, taking advantage of the absence of facts, in order to create a public opinion inclined to believe that the delay, and therefore the death of people, came from sanctions and not from the position of the regime. That needs to be discussed and refuted. 

“”This is a grand theft. The regime and its fanatical supporters are seeking to benefit from the current catastrophe by exploiting it, while the world is urged to overlook the atrocities committed by the regime, including the massacres of Syrian civilians who have been killed, imprisoned, or displaced. Additionally, there are concerns regarding the potential for foreign intervention in Syrian affairs.”

“The Syrian situation has prompted some protestors to call for the lifting of diplomatic sanctions, which may be viewed as a mere formality. This action was also taken by Kais Saied from Tunisia, who saw an opportunity to support individuals with similar views.”

 “It is evident that the dictatorial regime shows no regard for the suffering of its people, whether they are subjected to bombardment, torture, or even burial under concrete slabs. It is astonishing to see individuals with active minds defending and supporting such a regime in a major act of coercion, while simultaneously proclaiming their humanity and commitment to human rights. Until the Syrian people can establish a humane and inclusive system free from foreign interference, they will continue to be oppressed.”



This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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