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Who’s who

Who's who: Mohamad Nassif Kheir Beik

Nassif enjoys a special relationship with Assad that makes him one of the closest political and security advisers to the Syrian president, on account of him being a veteran of the era of President Hafez al-Assad

Who’s Who: Syrian Relief Groups

During the Syrian Revolution, a great many groups were spontaneously formed to help Syrian citizens and refugees and provide them with basic assistance

Who's who: Riad al-Turk

Some call him the fox; others the elder man; but he prefers to be called cousin

Who’s who: Qadri Jamil, Syria’s deputy PM

Qadri Jamil, a Syrian politician who had very little influence in the Syrian political scene before the revolution, has been appointed Deputy Prime Minister in the current government to please Russia

Who’s who: Suheir Atassi

Suheir Atassi, who is one of the vice-presidents of the National Coalition, has become the most influential woman in the Syrian opposition.

Who’s who: Ghassan Hitto

A profile of Ghassan Hitto, the recently-elected head of the Syrian opposition interim government.

Who’s who: George Sabra

Born to a Christian family in the city of Qatana, in the Damascus Countryside, Sabra is known for his long history of opposition to the Assad regime in Damascus, as a leader of a communist faction in Syria.

Who’s who: Documenters in Syria

This report is based upon meetings and direct dialogue with groups and individuals working in the field of documentation inside Syria. The report draws its conclusions from information provided by these sources via meetings in Beirut, Istanbul, Antalya, and Gaziantep, in addition to direct communication with them while they were on the ground in Syria.

Who’s who: The Syrian League for Citizenship

The Syrian League for Citizenship (SLC) was founded to promote the principle of citizenship and equal rights and duties to all the Syrian citizens. It works through workshops, seminars, lectures, and the media to convey its key messages.

Who's who: General Ali Mamlouk

General Ali Mamlouk is one of the most powerful Syrian security officers and a high ranking aide to President Bashar al Assad. He is the director of the Baath Party National Security Bureau, but his reputation came from his position as the head of the General directorate of Intelligence, one of the four most powerful security agencies in Syria.

Who's who: Mazen Darwish

During the Syrian revolution, Mazen played an essential role in launching the revolution and in defending victims who fell for participating in the revolution

Who's who: Ahmad Muaz al-Khatib

Now President of the National Coalition for Opposition Forces and the Syrian Revolution, Ahmad Muaz al-Khatib is a former petroleum engineer and an Islamic preacher and well-respected freedom activist.

Who's who: The Syrian National Council (SNC)

The Syrian National Council (SNC) is the largest and most significant Syrian opposition grouping in exile, and the main point of reference for outside countries that support the opposition.

Who’s who: Damascus Declaration (DD)

The Damascus Declaration (DD) is an umbrella opposition coalition named after a statement drafted in 2005 by numerous opposition groups and individuals demanding a multiparty democracy in Syria. It calls for a gradual and peaceful transition to democracy and the equality of all citizens in a secular and sovereign Syria.