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Who’s who

Who's who: Hussein al-Ammash

Adnan Abdulrazzak writes for The Syrian Observer about Hussein al-Ammash a leading defector

Who's who: Gabriel Moshe Kourieh

As head of one of the largest Assyrian political organisations, he has taken an active part in the Syrian revolution

Who's who: Saeb Nahas

Adnan Abdulrazak writes for The Syrian Observer on the businessman who mediated between the Syrian regime and major superpowers

Who's who: Abdulhamid Darwish

The secretary of the Kurdish Democratic Progressive Party in Syria, Abdulhamid Darwish, is regarded as one of the last remaining of the original Kurdish political activists

Who's who: Jawdat Said

Yahya Alous writes about the person who wanted to change the image of Islam

Who's who: Yahia Abdulbari

Souad Khibiyeh writes for The Syrian Observer on the doctor who became a landmark in Damascus Countryside

Who's who: Louay Hussein

Not everybody likes Louay Hussein, but almost everybody takes him into account

Who's who: Walid Al-Mouallem

Mouallem has repeatedly proved that he is loyal to the Assad family, and has, on certain occasion, put himself in awkward situations

Who's who: Farouk Sharaa

Sharaa asked, “Why don’t we, officials or ordinary citizens, work to shorten the steps and suffering?” but no one would listen to him

Who's who: Abu al-Qaqaa

This piece is based on a piece written by Ibrahim al-Jabeen in al-Arab Newspaper.

Who’s who: Michel Kilo

Now a member of the National Coalition, Kilo tries to make a difference and limit the Islamists’ influence

Who's who: Bassel Shehadeh

The filmmaker was killed while documenting the regime’s first massacre in Houleh

Who’s who: Razan Zaitouneh

Her accounts have been one of the key sources of the events taking place in Syria for the outside world. Under the threat of being arrested and killed she now lives in hiding