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Who Stole the Earthquake?

Mohammed al-Rumaihi wrote in the Lebanese newspaper An-Nahar a commentary on the earthquake in Syria. Here are some excerpts.

Harsher Months Await Syrians

Iyad al-Jaafari predicts that Syrians will witness yet another decline in their living standards after the increase in fuel prices, according to al-Modon.

Collective Punishment and Humanitarian Aid!

Bouthaina Shaaban explains that the West’s strategy of pretending to care for Syrians in the North while collectively punishing all of Syria through sanctions is hypocrisy.

America: A History of Racism and Humanitarian Tragedies

The murder of George Floyd has highlight, yet again, the racial injustices that take place in the United States and the hypocrisy they preach to other nations writes Al-Baath.

Syria’s Fuel Crisis Reveals a Corrupt Assad Regime

The fuel crisis currently gripping Syria is not the first in the era of the Assad regime and has led to the weakening of the middle class and the desperation of the poor reports Al-Araby al-Jadeed.

Our Partner in War Is Our Partner in Reconstruction

Those that have fought with Syria will be welcome to the opportunities that reconstruction will bring, while those that fought against Syria will be shut out writes Al-Watan.

Assad’s Prisons Are Flooded With the Dead

Since the start of the war, thousands of Syrians have been murdered in regime prisons writes Al-Araby al-Jadeed

Syria’s Three Major Defeats

Mismanagement of the fight against the regime, combined with a lack of prior experience and flagging international support, led to the Syrians’ loss of morale and ultimately to the demise of the revolution. Yet, the Syrians’ calls for democracy will continue to shape the future of any Syrian government

Selectivity In the War Against Terrorism

Selectivity greatly weakens the moral, legal and humanitarian argument for the war against terrorism and the allied nations participating in it

The Insane Division of Society

All parties to the conflict in my country insist on showing their brutality and want to awaken our worst prejudices