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November 2020

What Happened Over the Weekend

Russian-backed Eighth Brigade fighters arrested, Syrian families chased out of their homes, Turkey continues attack against the SDF and Jordan stops infiltration attempt. Catch up on everything that happened over the weekend.

SNC has Missed the Train

Following the disastrous announcement of an elections commission, questions are now being ask about whether the SNC should be dissolved and replaced writes Al-Araby Al-Jadeed.

Dissident Journalists Establish Syrian Media Council

Opposition media groups have joined together to form the Syrian Media Council, which they hope will help them protect journalists and defend freedoms reports Etihad Press.

Syria Wants Iskenderun Back

On the anniversary of the separation of Iskenderun from Syria, calls were made for its return, and the return of the Syrian Golan, with some holding Hafez al-Assad responsible for their loss.

Moscow: Pompeo Visit to Occupied Golan a Provocation

Speaking at the UN Security Council, Russia has condemned the recent visit of Mike Pompeo to the occupied Syrian Golan, describing it as a provocation writes Al-Watan.

Can the Paxi Solve Damascus Traffic Issue?

In an effort to solve the public transport shortage in Damascus, the Paxi has been introduced, which offers low cost transport to citizens reports Baladi News.

Central Bank of Syria: Inflation Rate on the Rise

The Central Bank of Syria has released a report that documents the ongoing inflation in Syria and how the cost of daily goods has risen for citizens reports Baladi News.

Nirvana Complex Project Kicks Off in Hijaz Station

Instructions have been given to begin work on the commercial project at Hejaz station in Damascus, which will include shops and a five-star hotel writes Sowt Al-Asima.