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January 2019

Aid Convoy Denied Entry Into Hajin

The convoy, was stopped by the US-linked militia of Qasad, and prevented from continuing its journey, despite the desperate need for aid in the area writes SANA.

Syrian Traders Complain About the Increasing Dollar

As the US dollar continues its upward trend, traders in Syria are finding it difficult to ensure that their businesses remain profitable reports Al-Iqtissadi.

Explosions Target Kurdish-Led Forces in Manbij

In recent weeks, Manjib has been rocked by a number of explosions, which have killed both Kurdish and American units reports Zaman Al Wasl.

The United States Has Lost Its Golden Opportunity in Syria

When Syrians took to the streets, demanding the end of the Assad regime, the United States had the opportunity to implement meaningful actions that would create real change, but this has been missed writes The Syrian Observer.

The Curtain Closes on ISIS in Deir ez-Zor

The Islamic State is being bombarded from the air, as the Syrian Democratic Forces move in to secure the final towns and villages still under the group’s control reports Al-Modon.

Dead, Elderly and Current Soldiers Wanted for the Army

The Syrian regime is pushing to conscript as many Syrians as it can into the ranks of its army, which has lead to summons being erroneously sent to those already serving and those killed in action reports Alsouria Net.