• Syrian Refugee Girl Shines in the Netherlands

    Wednesday April 17th, 2019

    by Zaman Al Wasl (Opposition website)

    Despite having to flee her home country and facing continued hardship, Shaza al-Manla has thrived as a musician and continues to excite audiences writes Zaman Al Wasl.

  • Syria’s Dog Economy

    Tuesday April 16th, 2019

    by Al-Watan (pro-government newspaper)

    The breeder and trading of dogs is a growing business in Syria, with some dogs being sold for as much as 3 million Syrian pounds writes Al-Watan.

  • Who Beat the Old Man in Damascus?

    Monday April 15th, 2019

    by Al-Modon (Lebanese news website)

    A photo, which appears to show an elderly man who was hit in the face by traffic police, has caused an outpouring of anger on social media reports Al-Modon.

  • Is the al-Rukban Camp Being Dismantled?

    Thursday April 11th, 2019

    by Al-Modon (Lebanese news website)

    Following a meeting between Russia, the regime and representatives from al-Rukban, families have started to leave, although the fate that awaits them is unclear writes Al-Modon.

  • What If OCHA Returned to Damascus?

    Wednesday April 10th, 2019

    by Al-Modon (Lebanese news website)

    The prospect of the return of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs has raised many questions about the relationship between the regime and the UN and how aid will be used writes Al-Modon.

  • Soaring Prices Leave Destitute Syrians Weary as Ramadan Approaches

    Wednesday April 10th, 2019

    by Asharq al-Awsat (London-based, pan-Arab daily)

    While the cost of daily goods has skyrocketed, wages in Syria have not changed, leaving many families struggling to make ends meet reports Asharq al-Awsat.

  • Survivors of Douma Chemical Attack Recount Horrific Night

    Tuesday April 9th, 2019

    by Zaman Al Wasl (Opposition website)

    It has been one year since the regime dropped sarin and chlorine gas on Douma, killing 41 civilians and injuring hundreds more writes Zaman Al Wasl.

  • Russia and Iran Divide up Syria’s Security 

    Monday April 8th, 2019

    by Al-Modon (Lebanese news website)

    Despite being allies, Iran and Russia are competing to take control of Syria’s state institutions and have made a number of new appointments to ensure their influence writes Al-Modon.

  • Bashar Talal al-Assad Steps out of Line

    Friday April 5th, 2019

    by Eyad al-Jaafari - Al-Modon (Lebanese news website)

    A recent rebellion by Bashar Talal al-Assad in Qardaha could point to a much bigger division between the Assad regime and their strongest national ally, the Alawites reports Al-Modon.

  • Has the Russian Initiative to Return Displaced People Already Failed?

    Thursday April 4th, 2019

    by Al-Jumhurriyah (Lebanese newspaper)

    Russia is keen facilitate the return of Syrian refugees living in Lebanon, but many in the international community do not believe that the conditions for return are right reports Al-Jumhurriyah.

  • Membership at the Damascus Chamber of Commerce Falls

    Wednesday April 3rd, 2019

    by Al-Watan (pro-government newspaper)

    Membership with the Damascus Chamber of Commerce has fallen nearly 50 percent since last year, which has affected the Chamber’s revenues writes Al-Watan.

  • A New Initiative for the Syrian Crisis

    Tuesday April 2nd, 2019

    by The Syrian Observer

    The Syrian National Initiative are disappointed with the representation and vision of the Syrian National Coalition and the High Negotiation Commission.

  • Moaz al-Khatib: A Quiet Dialogue With Syria’s Pharaoh

    Monday April 1st, 2019

    by Human Voice (opposition site)

    The former head of the National Coalition, Ahmed Moaz al-Khatib, has called on Assad to step down for the good of the country and allow a group of technocrats to be formed writes Human Voice.

  • Identifying Victims in Raqqa’s Mass Graves Is an International Responsibility

    Friday March 29th, 2019

    by Hurriya Press

    The team responsible for the excavation of mass graves in Raqqa lack much of the necessary equipment and expertise needed for this difficult task writes Hurriya Press.

  • The Regime Insults the Memory of Sultan Al-Atrash With March

    Thursday March 28th, 2019

    by Al-Modon (Lebanese news website)

    Residents in Suweida were angered by the lack of respect and recognition that was given by the regime to the revolutionary leader writes Al-Modon.

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