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Because of Migration: Senior Sitters Market Emerges in Syria

Many women are being recruited to look after the elderly left behind by their emigrated children, according to Athr Press.
Because of Migration: Senior Sitters Market Emerges in Syria

The Syrian war, which led to the migration of children from their families in search of a better life in other coutries, has resulted in the emergence of a new profession for many women: elderly caregiving. These women take on the responsibility of looking after the elderly, who have been left behind by their emigrated children, providing them with essential care and support while earning a monthly income.

Raghda, one of these elderly caregivers, shared her experience with Athr, stating, “I take care of a lady whose children left during the war. I assist her in her home, ensuring her health, providing meals, and meeting her needs. Some days, I even stay overnight, while on other days, I only work in the evenings.” Raghda emphasized that elderly caregiving is a rewarding job that offers her a steady income and a sense of fulfillment.

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Nisreen acknowledges that although elderly caregiving is a rewarding profession, it comes with its own set of challenges. Being away from her own family is one such difficulty, especially since she works round the clock, with just one day off each week, sometimes without a weekly holiday. Moreover, the elderly require specialized care and a unique approach to dealing with them, often resembling the care given to young children.

Um Ali shares her own story, stating that life circumstances compelled her to work following her husband’s passing. This profession provides her with a monthly income of at least 500,000 Syrian pounds. Um Ali explains, “I take care of a lady during daylight hours, attending to her needs, cleaning the house, and cooking.” She emphasizes that caring for one person is not challenging, especially when one understands their mindset and preferences.

Elderly Sitting Offices:   

During a call between Athr and an office in Aleppo, the representative began by expressing interest in the health and social circumstances of the elderly individuals for whom a caregiver was requested. She stated, “For a caregiver residing for 3 months, the monthly salary will be 500,000 pounds. The caregiver will work 24 hours a day, with a weekly day off. Additionally, the office charges a commission of 500,000 pounds for the contract, which covers sponsorship of the caregiver, finding a replacement if needed, and contract renewal. Similarly, for a 6-month contract, the commission is 800,000 pounds, with the same terms and conditions.”

The office representative further explained, “For caregiving services within a daily working time of seven hours, the contract conditions remain the same, except for a difference in the monthly wage, which amounts to a maximum of 400,000 pounds per month.”


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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