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What Lies ahead for the Syrian Interim Government

Syrians' interests should come first when it comes to deciding the interim government line-up
What Lies ahead for the Syrian Interim Government

Asaad Mustafa and Ammar Qurabi, are perhaps nominations by the Arab public for the ministries of defense and interior in the interim government commissioned by Ahmad Tohme, as is suggested by extensive visits and meetings held in more than one Arab capital, the last of which concluded Monday.


But there is a chance Western countries will not recognize this line-up and would have preferred a commission, not a government.


Perhaps some members of the Syrian National Coalition are playing politics at a time when cooperation, unity and the priority of Syria's interest are required.


There are several fundamental questions that need answering, including where Syrians are and what Syrians want, without using the interior of Syria as a mere cover.


Let us ask ourselves again and again: Do we need the powerful in this period? What does Syria's future need? Who is capable of making the interim government succeed, and who is capable of funding and financing it?


This duet in the interior and defense ministries, if continued without probable resignations, needs the support of Syrian dissidents before the support of the Arab leaders, and it requires Syrians' support before the support of the West.


It is our government if we want, and an interim government may prevent a catastrophe in the north, it might be the government of all Syria if we want, but it is difficult to fight battles on more than one front, especially when the outcome is an increasingly bloody.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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