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Syrian Regime Delegation at Geneva Prioritzes Counterterrorism

Syria's official delegation at the Geneva Confernece has managed to put counterterrorism on the agenda
Syrian Regime Delegation at Geneva Prioritzes Counterterrorism

A communiqué using the term counterterrorism was issued following a joint session concluded on Wednesday afternoon between Syria’s official delegation and the opposition Syrian National Coalition delegation, in the presence of the U.N. envoy to Syria Lakhdar Brahimi.


The Syrian Arab Republic delegation said that no item can be tackled before finishing discussions on counterterrorism and reaching agreement on the articles of the project for implementing the communiqué.


The official delegation said in compliance with the Syrian people’s aspirations for restoring security, safety and stability, it called on everyone to assume their responsibility and take a strong unified stand against terrorism.


The delegation asserted that the Syrian people will not accept any political solution that doesn’t “heal its wounds” and "restore tranquility and safety", adding that this was why the delegation insisted on discussing counterterrorism in accordance with the first Geneva communiqué.


It noted that the other party raised the issue of the transitional government, but noted that raising an issue doesn’t mean discussing it. Is said the official delegation listened to what the other side had to say but the discussions began with the issue of terrorism.


The  delegation called on the other side to "rise up to the high national standards of the Syrian people in regards to combating terrorism" and said Syrians want to know if the other side actually wants to fight terrorism or wants to maintain its current policy.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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