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Syria Condemns Terrorist Attacks Against Lebanese Army

Syria Condemns Terrorist Attacks Against Lebanese Army


The Syrian Foreign and Expatriates Ministry condemned on Monday the planned attacks launched against the Lebanese Army by members of the terrorist groups from the Islamic State (IS) and the Nusra Front, with the aim of destabilizing the brotherly country of Lebanon.


A source at the Ministry said in a statement that the attacks launched by terrorists against civilians and military checkpoints and posts in the Lebanese town of Arsal and its surroundings require support to the Lebanese Army to battle against the extremist Takfiri terrorism.


The Syrian Arab Republic stressed support and solidarity with the Lebanese Army in confronting the armed terrorist groups and eliminating them, expressing conviction that the brotherly country of Lebanon will triumph in this battle and thwart what is hatched to destabilize the situation there.


The source also pointed out that Syria had repetitively warned that the foreign-backed terrorism recognizes  no borders or identities, and will extend across the region if it is not confronted and its resources stemmed, saying “this could be done through obliging the countries known for supporting these armed terrorist groups to stop funding, arming, training and lodging them in implementation of relevant U.N. Security Council resolutions.”


“The Syrian Arab Republic, which considers that confronting terrorism launched against Syria, Iraq and Lebanon is a defense of the security and stability of the region, stresses the need to eradicate the terrorist groups without hesitation and with the consensus of the Syrian people and their support to the Armed Forces," it said in a statement.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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