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Rebels Discover Massacre Near the Air Force Intelligence Branch in Aleppo

The bodies were severely decomposed
Rebels Discover Massacre Near the Air Force Intelligence Branch in Aleppo

Aleppo rebels say they have found the bodies of ten prisoners in the basement of a building in Zahra in Aleppo, after fighters with the Free Syrian Army seized control of several buildings in the neighborhood and following fierce clashes with regime forces.


Activists reported that the building in which the bodies were found is nearby the Air Force Intelligence branch, the major stronghold of the regime in Aleppo, which has arrested tens of thousands of people since the outbreak of the Syrian revolution.


Ahl al-Sham operation room broadcast a video showing the martyrs' bodies, which were covered in large parts with stones.


The video shows signs they were killed many months beforehand, with some bodies were covered with worms and others decomposed to the point only bones and clothes remained. It appears that the cause of death was by stones thron at critical areas in the body, such as the head; in some cases the skulls of the martyrs were shattered.


The videographer says the bodies are of citizens and civilians, proved because of their clothes. Some of the victims were wearing jeans when they were executed.


This massacre is not the first masacre apparently perpetrated by the Air Force Intelligence branch in Aleppo. Previously, dozens of corpses were found dumped in places adjacent to the branch, with most of those prisoners who died under the systematic torture practiced by the security forces in the branch. Furthermore, many bodies were found burned in the areas near the branch in an attempt to hide their features.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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