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People’s Will Party and Independent Arab Movement Sign MOU

The Independent Arab Movement Party and the People’s Will Party have signed a memorandum of understanding on points that will aid the political process writes Etihad Press.
People’s Will Party and Independent Arab Movement Sign MOU

On Wednesday, the People’s Will Party, led by Qadri Jamil, and the Independent Arab Movement Party, led by Muhammad Khaled al-Shaker, signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU).

The MOU reads, “The Syrian crisis has entered its tenth year, amidst the difficult state that the political process is undergoing, due to the action of international and regional forces on the one hand, and by the doings of extremists in various Syrian parties, on the other hand. These parties have been engaging in intentional obstruction of the implementation of Security Council Resolution No. 2254, which constitutes the only way to end the Syrian disaster and to open the door to the desired radical democratic change.”

In the context of an uninterrupted political activity between the Independent Arab Movement Party and the People’s Will Party, as a democratic, national opposition and part of a general national movement aimed at achieving a political solution, giving the Syrians their power to decide back, and enabling them to exercise their right to self-determination, the two parties have reached a memorandum of understanding that includes the following:

  • A political solution through the full implementation of Resolution 2254 is the only solution to the Syrian crisis.
  • The desired Syria is a unified democratic state, land and people, indivisible, free from terrorism of all kinds, including intellectual terrorism, and its economic and social repercussions. It is an equal citizenship state, based on the values ​​of social justice and based on participatory democracy.
  • The two parties shall contribute to create a well balanced relationship between centralization and decentralization, which would strengthen the unity of the country and enable Syrians, in their regions, to participate in decision-making, in a manner that guarantees the fair distribution of national wealth.


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