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Lawyers Denounce Shariah Ban on Civil Law Courts

The lawyers were among the first to demonstrate for freedom and dignity in Aleppo
Lawyers Denounce Shariah Ban on Civil Law Courts

Syrian lawyers in rebel-held areas have denounced a memo, circulated by the Shariah Authority in Aleppo banning the practices of civil law in courts and other legal institutions and eliminating the profession of attorney.


The Islamic Judiciary group that controls legal matters in Aleppo believes that God’s words in the holy Quran is the Muslims’ constitution and law  that conducts their life, work and their relations at all levels.


The Liberal Commission for Lawyers, in the statement, stressed their leading role in Aleppo since the outbreak of Syrian uprising in March 2011 and how they were some of the first to protest against injustice, corruption and tyranny.


"We were the first to speak out the truth and raise the banner of revolution, freedom and dignity inside the Aleppo Justice Palace," the statement said.


The commission asked all lawyers, investigators and judges to stop working in the Shariah courts in Aleppo and all its affiliates, to invalidate the decision.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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