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Hama Residents Return to Their Homes

Operations underway to restore electricity and water
Hama Residents Return to Their Homes

The Governor of the central province of Hama, Ghassan Khalaf, said on Sunday that residents of the towns of Helfaya and Tibet al-Imam have begun returning to their homes after the government forces established control there.


The army managed to restore security and stability to the two towns after eliminating large numbers of terrorists, who had overrun the areas and forced residents to flee.


Khalaf said all concerned parties have received directives to implement maintenance and repair operations to restore electricity, communications and water infrastructure and repair the damage caused by the terrorists’ acts of vandalism so as to restore life back to normal in the two towns as soon as possible.


The Director of Hama Electric Power Company, Mohammad Raidi, said that inspection of the damage to the power grid in Helfaya is underway, with primary assessments leading him to conclude that power will be restored to the town within the next two days.


The head of the Suran Electric Power Department, Muawiya al-Omar, said that work is underway to restore power to Tibet al-Imam, with maintenance due to be completed within a week.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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