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Electricity Tops Arnous Cabinet Priorities for 2022

The Arnous government has announced its priorities for 2022, on top of which lies the improvement of the electricity situation in Syria, according to Syria Steps.
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Electricity Tops Arnous Cabinet Priorities for 2022

The Cabinet has set its priorities for 2022, focusing on improving the electricity sector, introducing new power generation projects, continuing to secure oil derivatives, intensifying drilling and exploration work to introduce new wells, and increasing the quantities allocated for electric power generation.

In addition to electricity, the priorities set by the Cabinet in its weekly session held on Tuesday, headed by PM Hussein Arnous, also included the completion of the investment map, the strengthening of investment work, the investment of national capital in production, and the strengthening of partnership with the private sector to rehabilitate destroyed companies and increase the production capacity of factories.

The priorities set by the Cabinet also included the completion of the national roadmap for housing, the increase in agricultural and industrial production, the continuation of the digital transformation project for government services, the introduction of the third operator for cellular services, the completion of organizational plans for several regions, the preparation of a national strategy for medium and small enterprises, the development of university admission mechanisms, and the completion of the project to decontaminate the Barada River. 

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The headlines to be implemented included providing everything necessary to stimulate agricultural and industrial production, increase the production capacity of mills, rehabilitate more silos, strengthen Syria’s interventionist role for trade, tighten market control, establish a billing system with effective use, and continue to complete the national project for administrative reform. 

Priorities also included empowering administrative units, improving the level of their services, creating a tracking system for the work of public transport, ensuring the provision of services, improving drinking water, developing tax administration, introducing several new irrigation projects into service, and increasing the areas planted with strategic crops. 

Strengthening the air transport fleet and completing the electronic passport project were also among the priorities set by the Cabinet. These come in addition to securing pharmaceutical and health needs, increasing interest in vocational-technical education, developing the work of plant and animal agricultural production facilities, as well as increasing consular services for Syrian citizens in the diaspora, and automating the work of the institutions of the Ministry of Interior Trade and Consumer Protection


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