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'Cry From Raqqa' Campaign Reveals ISIS Horrors

New online campaign aims to expose ISIS human rights violations in ISIS-controlled cities of Raqqa and Abu Kamal
'Cry From Raqqa' Campaign Reveals ISIS Horrors

Activists from the cities of Raqqa and Abu Kamal have launched a new campaign aiming to reveal the abuse and hostile practices of ISIS against civilians in the two cities.


Life under ISIS is considered by many to be worse than under the regime, as ISIS tortures and terrorizes civilians under the pretext of implementing Islamic law, prompting activists to risk their lives in order to reveal the truth behind the organization.


ISIS media channels routinely publish slaughter, crucifixion and torture in an attempt to terrorize residents, provoking activists to launch a social media campaign to describe life in Raqqa and Abu Kamal, ensuring the news will reach as many people as possible.


In February, activists in Raqqa launched "a Cry From Raqqa" campaign, while their counterparts in Abu Kamal launched the "Abu Kamal Under Fire" campaign.


The Syrian revolution has relied heavily on social networking to publish citizen journalism, prompting activists behind the campaign to follow a similar path to publish news of the horrifying practices of ISIS against the communities they govern.


ISIS was the first to arrest and flog women due to violations related to wearing Islamic dress, or violations of the laws developed by ISIS in the areas under its control.


Two women were recently stoned to death (one in the city of Raqqa and one in the city of Tabqa) after ISIS faked evidence implicating the victims in adultery, ignoring the legitimate conditions set by Islam for the implementation of such laws.


In another blatant crime, ISIS executed a young doctor from Deir-ez-Zor province on charges of collaborating with the regime, a fake charge usually used as a justification to execute innocent citizens. Activists in the city denied the charges condemning the heinous crime against the young doctor, Ruwa Diab, who was executed on Janurary 4, 2015, in Deir-ez-Zor province.


Activists in the city have also reported unconfirmed information that ISIS has executed three female doctors.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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