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Syria Creates Space Agency

Assad’s government decided to establish a “space agency” despite the civil war

Europe Punishes Bushra Assad

Sanctions against the president’s sister are based on her family relationship

Syria: Political Detainees Tortured, Killed

Behind the awful brutality of the fighting in Syria is the unseen abuse of political detainees – arrested, tortured, and even killed for peacefully criticizing the government or helping people in need. Arbitrary detention and torture have become business as usual for Syrian security forces.

Preparations for 2014 Budget

Halqi has instructed the ministries and public institutions to “rationalize and adjust” expenditure

The Poor Get Poorer in Syria

Four million Syrians are unable to secure their nutritional needs. A WFP report also indicates a 40 percent decline in wheat production from 4.5 million tons in 2012 to 2.4 million tons this year

The Economic Menace of the Syrian Conflict

According to a report prepared by Sandra Sinno, a consultant at ESCWA, deposits moved to Lebanese banks from Syria have so far amounted to $11 billion