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Human Rights

SDF Arrests 20 People in Raqqa

20 members of the Tarn family have been arrested by the SDF in Raqqa for unknown reasons, reports Al-Souria Net.

SNHR: Whereabouts of Over 3,000 Syrians Unknown

The Syrian Network for Human Right say that the Syrian Democratic Forces have taken over 3,000 people, whose whereabouts are still unknown reports Anadolu Agency.

Unavailability of Fuel, Bread Worsens Suffering of Syrians

With a continuing lack of bread and ever rising fuel prices, Syrians are feeling the strain and becoming increasingly frustrated with long queues and the dire economic situation reports The Levant.

Human Rights Report: 146 Arbitrary Detentions in Syria

The Syrian Network for Human Rights has confirmed that largescale violations continue to take place across the country and by all parties, although the regime remains the main perpetrator