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Three Suicide Attempts in 24 Hours

The reasons behind these incidents are largely attributed to the deteriorating living conditions faced by the majority of the population, according to al-Araby al-Jadeed.

Child Brides in Wartime

Child marriages are becoming more common in Syria and effects that they can have on the children involved can be devastating reports Sada al-Sham.

Searching for the Disappeared With Magic

Desperate to find their loved ones, family members are resorting to paying large sums of money to mystics to aid their search, Al-Akhbar writes

Syria’s Three Major Defeats

Mismanagement of the fight against the regime, combined with a lack of prior experience and flagging international support, led to the Syrians’ loss of morale and ultimately to the demise of the revolution. Yet, the Syrians’ calls for democracy will continue to shape the future of any Syrian government