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Opposition Meets with the EU’s Syria Delegation

In a meeting with European diplomats, the Syrian opposition called for the renewal of cross-border aid to Syria, according to the Syrian National Coalition.

Danish Company in Breach of Sanctions Against Syria

A Danish company, believed to be Dan-Bunkering, reportedly sold thousands of tons of kerosene to a Russian company, which was used to fuel Russian planes writes Etihad Press.

Deportation Haunts Syrian Refugees in Denmark

Syrian refugees in Denmark are fearing deportation, after false claims that the city of Damascus is safe for them to return to writes Zaman Al-Wasl.

Industrial Sector Recovering in Daraa

Since the southern province of Daraa was recaptured by government forces, efforts have been made to kickstart the factories that had been lying dormant reports SANA.

Assad to Danish TV: I Am Not a Superman

Assad tells interviewer he has remained in his position as president because the Syrian people continue to support him in his war against terrorism

The Poet’s House in Old Damascus

The grandchildren of legendary Syrian poet Khalil Mardam Bey have converted the family home into a cultural center in the heart of Damascus’ historic Old City