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Tohmeh Says PYD is Part of Syrian Regime

Toumeh says the Kurdish National Council is the true representative of the Kurds
Tohmeh Says PYD is Part of Syrian Regime

The head of the Syrian opposition interim government Ahmad Tohmeh has clarified the government’s position towards the Democratic Union Party (PYD), saying it considers the PYD is an integral part of the Syrian regime.


Toumeh said the PYD’s position cannot be justified because it has become known to all that they stand with the regime.


In a statement to Rudaw news agency, Toumeh said the interim government will deal with the PYD as it deals with the regime and its institutions, as they are both against the Syrian people and their revolution.


Toumeh added that the Kurdish National Council marched on the road to revolution, and is the true representative of the Kurdish people in the Syrian National Coalition, the main opposition body.


Tohmeh's comments came a day after Saleh Muslim, the president of PYD, demanded the establishment of a Kurdish province, consisting of three provinces, within a federal Syria.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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