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Syrian Refuse to Kneel in Hunger

Campaign of voluntary hunger strikes to protest forced starvation
Syrian Refuse to Kneel in Hunger

The General Secretariat of the Syrian National Coalition is sponsoring a campaign called: "No to Kneeling to Hunger" and is using a worldwide campaign of voluntary hunger strikes in the face of forced hunger to support it.


A group of activists is going on hunger strike in order to shed light on the Syrians trapped and starving in areas of Syria.


The Secretary General, Badr Jamous confirmed that the Syrian regime is still imposing a suffocating siege on cities and towns in Homs, east and west Ghouta and other areas in Syria.


He pointed out that these humanitarian campaigns are an important, peaceful and effective protest weapon to make the world, especially in the West, recognize what is happening to Syrians.


Mohammed Obeid, one of the founding activists of the campaign, said it will be expanded in a number of Western countries.


He added that the announcement came during a press conference in Istanbul, stressing the need to lift the siege on the people in Syria.


Muayyad Ghuzlan stressed that permanent relief paths must be secured to help the residents of besieged areas before starting any political process.

Mutaz Shaqlab, one supporter of the campaign, said he believed peaceful campaigns have a significant impact in the face of regime's siege and called for the activation of such campaigns, helping and supporting them and standing with the activists.


Abdullah al-Daraawi mentioned that the political process must be separated from the humanitarian process in Syria.


Meanwhile, Firas Qassas, Abdulkader Hori , Samer as-Saleh, Issam Nasser, Ahmed Bakkoura, Yasser Farhan, Sulav Lababidi, Lama Tawfiq Atassi, Mariam Nour Ali and many other activists joined the campaign over one month ago.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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