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Syrian Delegation: Syrian State Does Not Distinguish Between Citizens

Geneva delegates say the government has been cooperating with U.N. for two years on aid delivery
Syrian Delegation: Syrian State Does Not Distinguish Between Citizens

A morning dialogue session between the Syrian Arab Republic’s delegation and the Syrian National Coalition delegation of the so-called “opposition” was held on Sunday in Geneva in presence of the U.N. envoy to Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi.


The Syrian official delegation stressed that the issue of delivering humanitarian aid has been underway for a year and a half – and not only to Homs –  within the response plan set by Syria and the U.N., adding that the issue is not related to the conception of the Geneva II conference.


The Syrian delegation pointed out that the entry of any convoy to any area in Syria is not an issue to be covered at Geneva talks and that the government has been cooperating with the U.N. on the issue for two years.


The delegates insisted that the Syrian state does not distinguish between one citizen or another and does not give precedence to one area over another. They pointed out that  the areas of Adra al-Umalieh, Foaa, Nubul and the Zahra areas also experiencing the same conditions as Homs.


The said a solution needs to be reached that guarantees the delivery of humanitarian aid to all areas in Syria, but said the coalition delegation continues to obstruct discussions, refusing to talk about anything other than delivering aid to a small area in Homs city.


SANA’s delegate to Geneva said that during talks held on Saturday evening, the official Syrian delegation reiterated that it came to Geneva in the hope of finding a thorough and clear solution for humanitarian, political and security issues – not just a truce for a few hours in a very small area.


The officials confirmed that the Syrian state is delivering aid on daily basis to the areas it can reach, and that it’s concerned about all citizens, not just those in a specific area.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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