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Senior Intelligence Officer Smuggles Oil From ISIS-Held Areas: Leaked Report

Leaked documents implicated regime colonel in the smuggling of goods from Iraq to Syria, including oil from ISIS-held areas
Senior Intelligence Officer Smuggles Oil From ISIS-Held Areas: Leaked Report

Confidential regime documents accuse a Syrian Air Force colonel of facilitating the transfer and smuggling of trucks carrying oil produced by ISIS.

The document, issued by Syrian Intelligence 10 months ago, confirms Air Force intelligence Col. Mohammed Dib had cooperated with traders to smuggle materials and products, such as expired cigarettes and food, from Iraq to Syria.

The intelligence document also mentions that Dib facilitated the transfer of trucks carrying oil and fuel produced by ISIS in the eastern region of Syria, securing their route to Lattakia and Homs.

The document claims Col. Dib allowed over 50 vans and trucks to enter Syria without inspection on a daily basis, also raising concerns of the possibility of the smuggling of car bombs.

Another document issued a year ago mentioned that the Air Force colonel had ignored warnings sent by National Defence Force’s (NDF) in the area after they observed an ISIS convoy consisting of two tanks, six vans with cannons and four off-road cars. The convoy passed near Ethriyeh, heading west towards Aleppo’s main road to reach the eastern countryside of Salamiyeh.

The document mentions that Col. Dib’s ignorance and neglect, besides denying his responsibility to stop the convoy as well as his hesitation in giving the Air Force orders to strike the convoy, caused great concern among the NDF in the area.

Information in both documents shows regime officials often cooperate with ISIS, regardless of regime rhetoric concerning the fight against terrorism and the protection of the country.

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