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Regime Barrel Bombs Destroy a Quarter of Aleppo’s Qaser al-Bureij

Bombing causes the death of women and children, reaping massive destruction throughout the village, says al-Souria correspondent
Regime Barrel Bombs Destroy a Quarter of Aleppo’s Qaser al-Bureij

Regime forces have reportedly dropped a number of barrel bombs on the village of Qaser al-Bureij near al-Bab in the eastern countryside of Aleppo. Al-Souria Net correspondent in Aleppo, Mohammed El-Shafei, said the bombing "killed women and children, and caused massive destruction in a quarter of the village".

Dr. Mohammed Abu an-Nasr, who works at the field hospital in al-Bab said the bombing took place in the afternoon, leaving 19 martyrs and injuring 12 children and nine women.

Abu an-Nasr added that ambulances are still working to rescue the injured, noting that the large number of injuries caused by the shelling was due to the collapsing of civilians' homes which have mud domes.

The doctor accused the Islamic State (ISIS) – which controls al-Bab – of the deteriorating medical situation, explaining that the siege imposed by ISIS on the city has led to increased difficulty in securing medical supplies, rendering the hospitals unable to receive critical medical cases. Abu an-Nasr confirmed the death of at least 100 people in the city since the first day of Eid al-Fitr.


Al-Souria Net’s correspondent in Aleppo, Mohammed al-Shafei, said violent clashes also broke out between the opposition and regime forces in Handarat and Sheikh Najjar. Opposition fighters have killed three soldiers and injured others, while regime forces shelled the villages of Huraitan, Hayan and Barda with explosive barrels, leading to the death of three martyrs.

This comes as the clashes between the opposition and ISIS continue near the village of Um Hosh, near Mare. The commander of the 10th regiment of Sham Rebels Brigades, Munir Zaki, said that opposition factions killed 15 ISIS fighters and forced the rest to withdraw to the village of Um al-Qura, while ISIS responded with artillery fire on Mare after securing military reinforcements.

Opposition factions are currently fighting ISIS in several areas in the countryside of Aleppo, in an attempt to force ISIS to withdraw from the regions it controls and end the siege imposed on opposition areas by both ISIS and the regime.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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