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People of Idleb City Work to Erase the Signs of War

Project headed by local council and NGO aims to restore provincial capital and its countryside by repairing gardens, infrastructure and school facilities, Alsouria writes
People of Idleb City Work to Erase the Signs of War

The local council in Idleb in the northwest of Syria is working to erase the effects of war on the city through the “Idleb Spring” project.

The project, which is being carried out by the municipality in cooperation with the Violet Organization, aims to restore the pre-war face of the city center and has fully restored the historic clock tower in the central square.

Ehsan Habboush, manager of the Violet Organization, said: “The basic aim of the project is to restart the labor force and at the same time rebuild and reconstruct, and so it is an important development project.”

Habboush said that the project includes the restoration and rehabilitation of the gardens and all entries to the city, repairing the sidewalks, reorganizing the sewage networks in the entire city, and repairing and restoring some of the schools, as well as rearranging official files in the directorate of the area that was bombed.

He added that the project was not limited to the city alone but that it also included the countryside, and that it aimed in its first stage lasting three months to create 600 jobs and in the second stage 1,500 jobs.

Habboush said that the project would expand outside the scope of Idleb province, whereby it would also work in the Maarat al-Nouman area and its environs, and around Jabal Zawiya, as well as the Mare area and Jarablus.

The manager directed thanks to all the bodies participating in the project beginning with the local council and the people of the city, saying it would not have succeeded if not for the cooperation and solidarity of everyone.

Resident Suhaib Zakur said: “The situation now has become better in Idleb, the clock tower was destroyed and it has been restored and flowers have been planted in the square. The square has become more beautiful and we can now sit with our friends there.”

Omar al-Homsi, coming from another city, praised the Idleb Spring project, saying it was a good step, helping to return life to the city and increase movement in the markets. He added that if the bombardment is fully stopped, the Syrian people will be able to rebuild their country in its entirety without assistance.

Idleb has been one of the Syrian cities most heavily affected by the Assad regime's bombardment, which has seen a pause over the past month.

This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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