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More Displaced People Arrive From the al-Rukban Camp

The dire humanitarian situation in the al-Rukban Camp is forcing many people to leave and return to government controlled area writes SANA.
More Displaced People Arrive From the al-Rukban Camp

On Monday, a new batch of displaced Syrian families arrived at the Jlaighim crossing in Homs’ eastern countryside after leaving the al-Rukban camp, where US occupation troops and their terrorist mercenaries have besiege civilians. 

SANA’s reporter at the Jlaighim crossing said that hundreds of displaced people, mostly children, women and the elderly, arrived at the corridor in cars and trucks.

Upon their arrival at the corridor, the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) provided them with food and medical services. 

The reporter indicated that the concerned bodies have completed all the procedures for the returnees, including registering their names and identifying their personal information, before transporting them to makeshift centers in Homs. 

Later, the returnees will be transported to their original places of residence.

On Apr. 16, 2019, tens of evacuees from the camp arrived at the Jlaighim crossing coming for the camp.

Thousands of civilians, who were displaced because of terrorism, are stranded in the al-Rukban Camp as the US occupation forces and  terrorists backed by the US are hampering their safe exit to government-controlled areas.

Those people are suffering from very critical humanitarian circumstances due to a lack of healthcare, food and other basic needs.


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