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Mass Arrest Campaign Continues in Central Damascus

Regime arrests target young men for conscription in order to bolster military presence on the front lines
Mass Arrest Campaign Continues in Central Damascus

Dozens of Air Force Intelligence and Military Police patrols launched a campaign of mass arrests in Souk al-Haramiyah in central Damascus on Friday. The campaign targeted a number of neighborhoods, mosques and markets in the capital. Residents of Damascus found the Military Police cars at several points and under bridges, in search of young men to send to the battlefront.

The arrests targeted dozens of young men on several charges, such as “wanted for mandatory service”, or in “violation of the terms of schools and universities military postponement".

Dozens of Air Force Intelligence and Military Police patrols were distributed in front of mosques' entrances in Damascus, waiting for worshippers to leave Friday prayers.

Field activist Abu Rawad confirmed that several temporary checkpoints were erected under the ath-Thawra street bridge.

Additional temporary checkpoints were set up at the entrance of Sarouja market, Bahsa, Barza and az-Zahera neighborhoods.

Abu Rawad stressed that the as-Set garage area witnessed barriers and Military Police patrols, who carried out precise inspections, arresting young men to fight on the battlefront and undertake forced labor.

Security forces expanded the random arrests to include dozens of young men and workers in Souq Al Zablatini area for nearly seven days, especially in the meat market.

Repeated arrest campaigns in the Syrian capital have forced young people to migrate and leave their families in order to escape forced military service.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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