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Mai Skaf Flees Syria

Skaf will reside temporarily in Lebanon's Beirut
Mai Skaf Flees Syria

Syrian actress Mai Skaf has fled Syria amid increasing pressure from the security forces, Elaf has learned.


Skaf, who was arrested most recently two months ago, will reside temporarily in Lebanon's Beirut.


Skaf crossed the border illegally, fearing that she may be arrested if she tried to exit the country through legal borders.


Skaf was last arrested mid-May. She had previously been arrested in the summer of 2011 after her participation in an anti-government 'intellectuals' demonstration in Midan, Damascus, but was released after several days.


Syrian authorities accused Skaf last August of incitement to murder, under terrorism legislation. Her arrest triggered a wave of support for the Syrian artist, with demonstrators raising signs to greet her in Rukn al-Deen, calling her "the artist of freedom."


Translated and edited by the Syrian Observer


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