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Luna al-Shibl in Critical Condition After Car Accident

The media advisor of the Syrian president suffered a head hemorrhage. Opposition media outlets say the accident seemed deliberate.
Luna al-Shibl in Critical Condition After Car Accident

Syrian State media reported that Luna al-Shibl, media advisor to the regime’s President Bashar al-Assad, was involved in a car accident on Tuesday, resulting in severe injuries. According to the Political and Media Office of the Presidency of the Republic, the accident caused the vehicle she was in to veer off course and crash multiple times, resulting in severe injuries. She was subsequently transported to a hospital in Damascus, where it was determined that she had suffered a head hemorrhage, necessitating her admission to intensive care for treatment by a specialized medical team.

Quoting sources in Damascus, the opposition website Syria TV reported that the accident appears to be deliberate, as an armoured car hit her vehicle from behind, pushing it towards the road divider. The car that hit her was equipped with a front-mounted iron bar, causing al-Shibl to suffer a severe brain hemorrhage.

Who’s Who: Luna al-Shibl

Still according to Syria TV, the driver and the escort were taken to an unknown location following the accident, while authorities prevented al-Shibl’s husband from entering the hospital. Information from inside the hospital indicates that her hemorrhaging is extremely severe.

Opposition reports, that the Syrian Observer was not able to verify, also mention that her brother, Brigadier General Mulham al-Shibl, was arrested on charges of foreign espionage a week ago.

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