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Kidnappings Spark Anti-PYD/YPJ Demonstrations in Amouda

Demonstrators carried banners urging the PYD to release kidnapped minors in Hassakeh province
Kidnappings Spark Anti-PYD/YPJ Demonstrations in Amouda

A mass demonstration was organized in Amouda, north-east of Hassakeh province, by the Democratic Union Party and its female armed-wing (YPJ) requesting the release of minors kidnapped by the Women Protection Units.


The demonstrators carried banners urging the PYD to release the minors, displaying photos of 16-year-old Hamrin Ide, who "was kidnapped from her school and forced to join Women Protection Units", according to her brother.


Gulishan Association for Women had participated effectively in yesterday's demonstration, where an activist within the association claimed they demonstrated to demand the release of Hamrin Ide, whose natural duty is to study, not to carry arms.


Mohammed, one of the protesters, confirmed to All4Syria that PYD policies are serving the regime to empty the Kurdish region of its population.


"The PYD is ensuring the accuracy of claims by the head of the regime when he said that the Kurds in Hassakeh province do not exceed 36%. This party helps in the demographic change of the region", Mohammed said.


Among the banners raised were: "Building states and nations need building societies and humans," and "We want to get rid of slavery and you pull us back". 


The city is the capital of the Al-Jazeera canton (governed by the Democratic Union Party) where more than six people were killed last summer by the party’s forces after demonstrations broke out.


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