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Homs Man Invents 'Life Tank' for Wounded

Remote-controlled Life Tank to transport wounded from the front lines of battle to safety
Homs Man Invents 'Life Tank' for Wounded

Despite a siege and lack of equipment, a man from al-Hula in the northern countryside of Homs has successfully invented a small electronic tank, dubbed as "Life Tank".


The new invention works to transport the wounded in battles with regime forces, or during the bombing of the city's neighborhoods. The electronic tank transports the wounded to the rear lines, or to safer areas, in order to provide them with treatment.


Life Tank is a model of a small tank, "to be developed in the next stages", according to its inventor. It can be run on solar power, and is remotely controlled by wireless plugs.


The tank can transport two people at a time, and its capacity is estimated at 120 kilograms.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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