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Homs Buries 74 Detainees Tortured to Death by Regime

Deaths come as ISIS gains control of territory in the eastern countryside of Homs
Homs Buries 74 Detainees Tortured to Death by Regime

The bodies of 74 people, tortured to death by Syrian security forces, have been delivered to their families in the eastern towns of Homs province in four days, as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) gains rapid control of swathes of territory in the desert area including strategic gas fields.


Local activists from the towns of al-Qaryatan, Mahin and Hawarin, 90km southeast  of Homs city, said 74 bodies have been buried after being tortured to death in Bashar al-Assad’s security chambers. They said 30 from Mahin and Hawarin, while the remaining 44 were from al-Qaryatan.


The victims were arrested in different periods, but seemed to be killed at the same time, according to sources.


Activists said the regime wants to retaliate for humiliating defeats inflicted by ISIS in the eastern region of Homs, accusing some of the towns' youth by joining the militant group.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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