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Hama Governor Assassinated: State Media

Hama Governor Assassinated: State Media

The governor of the Hama province in central Syria was assassinated on Sunday in a car bombing, state-run television reported.


“Terrorists assassinated Anas Abdel Razzaq al-Naem, the Hama governor, in a car bomb attack in the Jarajma district of Hama,” the report said.


Naem was head of the ruling Baath party in Hama. He also worked as professor at the medical college of Al-Baath University in the Homs province, later becoming head of the Doctors Union Hama branch.


He was appointed as governor by President Bashar Assad in July 2011, four months after the start of the revolt against the government.


The previous governor Ahmed Abdulaziz was sacked when 500,000 people took to the streets in Hama to protest against the Syrian government. He was known for his moderate political views and for his willingness to negotiate with the Syrian protesters.


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